Is your campground, park or community tiny house friendly?

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Are You Tiny House Friendly?

You are likely familiar with the tiny house trend through shows like Tiny House Hunters and Tiny House, Big Living. Florida is one of the top 10 states in the U.S. for tiny house living resulting in high demand for places to temporarily and permanently park tiny houses on wheels. While demand is high supply is low and locating tiny home friendly campgrounds, parks and communities is still a challenge for tiny house owners.

Tiny houses on wheels are licensed as an RV and most use typical RV electric, water and sewer equipment. From your perspective there is no significant difference between a typical RV and a tiny house on wheels.

Tampa Bay Tiny Homes provides design, build and consulting services to tiny home buyers seeking tiny houses on wheels as well as tiny houses on foundations. Depending on your goals, budget, timeline and desired experience we can offer a variety of options and levels of service, helping you achieve your tiny home dreams!

We are currently partnering with select locations in Florida to improve communication to tiny house owners, increase your lot rentals as well as offering tiny houses for rent at your location. Would you be interested in learning more about the benefits of being tiny house friendly?

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