Providing high quality tiny homes built to Bildsworth Standard with a focus on sustainability, technology, gardening and outdoor living.

With 20 years of residential new home construction,  extensive remodeling, refinishing and project  site management Tampa Bay Tiny Homes is a premier provider of tiny house design and build services.  We were founded in 2016 by a group of local business owners who had a strong desire to have more positive impact on the world with the work they were doing.  Being lucky enough to have friends and business partners with diverse backgrounds in construction, real estate, horticulture, technology and program management allowed us to organically grow into Tampa Bay Tiny Homes!

Meet our founders

Brian Zmich

Brian grew up in the Tampa Bay area before moving to Atlanta and building a very successful national sales recruiting company. Along the way he helped hundreds of businesses to develop their brand, messaging and image. When his long time friends with backgrounds in the mortgage and Real Estate industries started a full service real estate brokerage he was a natural fit for the development side of the business. He oversaw the management of purchasing, financing , remodeling and selling homes in the Tampa Bay area. With years of experience working with officials, suppliers and clients of all types, Brian was well prepared for his next step. Brian may be a fan of rebuilding classic cars, but when it comes to his living footprint he is a minimalist and was the catalyst for the creation of Tampa Bay Tiny Homes.

Presley Melson

Presley grew up in and around Atlanta, Georgia and started professionally in construction as soon as he graduated High School. He continued to build his skills and experience through college where he received an undergraduate degree in business administration. Throughout his early adulthood and through college construction continued to be a passion for Presley so after graduation he founded a small startup building single family homes all over the Atlanta metro area. Like many small businesses owners during the housing bubble and the subsequent recession Presley learned some very valuable lessons!

Those circumstances led him into the building material retail business giving him deep experience in the materials available, costs and processes that still come in handy today. When the opportunity presented itself in 2015 to move to the beach and partner with a lifelong friend on a construction and remodeling business Presley made the move and never looked back. Remodeling small homes became a passion and successful area of focus for that business and led to the natural transition to tiny homes!

Chris Short

Chris grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia splitting time between his parents house in the city and his family farm in the countryside. The Short family has been professional carpenters for at least three generations so its no exaggeration to say its in Chris’s blood. He helped his grandfather build a new home from the foundation up when he was 12 and spent most summers of High School remodeling houses with his father. Spending time on the farm and having horticulture experts in the family sparked a life long passion for gardening and having an organic home garden. His professional career spans industries such as mortgage, software and professional services serving senior leadership roles.

Here at Tampa Bay Tiny Homes Chris plays many different roles including leading workshops, managing internal business operations and technology systems and overall making sure everything goes smoothly. You may find him working in the shop, answering the phones, meeting with new suppliers, investigating new cool products to offer clients or just taking a minute to appreciate the moment!

We work with as many local vendors and suppliers as possible to provide not only the best cost and quality options to our clients, but also to support our local community and our community of like minded businesses. Meet some of them here!