Edible plants for your tiny house garden in Florida

What to plant in your Florida tiny home garden

Most people agree that fresh local fruits and vegetables are not only much better for your body, but taste better and have a very positive impact on the environment.  If you are already an expert gardener you likely have a thriving source of free tasty food and could hopefully teach us a thing or two! If you are just getting started or looking to increase the amount or variety of food you are growing, this should be pretty helpful!

Florida can be a great place for an urban garden if you know what to plant, when to plant it and how to keep your soil moisture content sufficient throughout the day. With climates ranging from the balmy Miami heat, to the 40 degree nights in Jacksonville, Florida really offers tons of diversity!

What are the benefits of home composting?

For Spring:

Spring Tiny Home Garden Florida

For Summer:

Florida Summer Tiny House Garden

For Winter:

Florida Winter Garden Tiny House

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