Inspiring Tiny House Living Room Ideas for a Well-Designed Space

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Did you know tiny homes have become more popular than ever before? Tiny houses are an affordable option for homeowners.

Yet, some new home buyers wonder if the space will feel too cramped. If you would like to learn more about interior design, keep reading.

This guide will teach you about tiny house living room ideas. You’ll learn how to style the living room in a comfortable and functional way. We’ll also explain some tips to help make the space feel airier and open. 

Check out the tips below.

Try Layering Light

Make the most of the windows you have in your tiny home. Don’t select dark curtains that will block out the natural sunlight. Look at picking up sheer shades for your tiny house. Light shades will help maximize incoming sunlight whether you have small or large windows.

It would be best if you also tried to layer the lighting in your tiny home. You could have a pendant light hanging overhead the coffee table or add scones. Pick shades that will direct light for tasks like reading.

Wall lights direct soft shafts of light to help make a room appear taller. 

Avoid Cramping Your Living Room With Furniture and Decor 

Most people see furniture as a significant investment for their home. However, when selecting furniture for a small space, you must avoid cluttering the space. 

A smaller sofa will provide plenty of seating options without crowding the room. Leave some space in the corner near your sofa. You could also get a narrow shelf to use the space above the sofa. 

Hang your television on the wall as well. Keep the television off the door or a stand to make the room look open. 

Add shelving units that will hang off the floor. A gallery wall will work in a tiny home as well. You can add accent pieces near the ceiling, drawing the viewer’s eyes upward. 

Pick up a Colorful Rug

A rug with a bold pattern will be functional and add a neat design. Rugs help make a room feel larger. Instead of visually breaking up the floor, you can anchor your space with a big rug.

Rugs often work as a central design element as well. Pair your big rug with corner seating. You won’t take up as much space and will keep the room from appearing cramped.

The front legs of chairs or sofas should sit on the rug. When picking a design, consider ivory, beige or gray. These colors will help make your tiny living room appear bigger.

Add Hygge Decor 

Tiny homes are super popular because of how cozy and cute they are. Design your tiny house and make it a refuge with hygge decor.

Add some throw blankets and a plush rug to your room. Scatter a few sprawling fern plants or flowers. Push the seating close together and create paired-off groups. 

People will immediately feel drawn into your cozy living room space. Make the most of your tiny room by adding intentional decor pieces. 

Choosing Paint Colors

Darker paint colors will often make a regular-sized living room look more classy. However, choosing a dark color for a smaller room will make it feel enclosed.

Try choosing a lighter paint color but add a sophisticated touch with dark pillows and throws.

Some people will opt to paint their walls white. You can add textured material or wall hangings. 

Working With Awkward Angles

A small living room might leave you with a few difficult angles. 

However, you can still create an aesthetic living room with these tips. For a weirdly sized wall, use a focal point painting.  Add wallpaper to a wall to a slanted wall to add texture and color. 

Make use of awkward angles by positioning furniture around them. 

Use Your Living Room for Many Purposes

A tiny living room has loads of potential. 

If you don’t know what to do with your space, try turning it into a multi-purpose room.  Add a bookshelf and comfortable chair to the corner. This could become everyone’s favorite reading nook. 

Set up a small corner desk and a cute lamp to make a workstation. 

Making a multi-purpose living room will help improve the functionality of your living room. Different family members can use the space. 

You can have a living room, family room, and office all in one. 

Get Rid of Excess Clutter

Make sure you try to cut back on your personal belongings. You can cut down on clutter and make a room appear airier.

Make sure you go through your tiny home and box up excess items. Clutter in a home can make a small space feel even more cramped.

Try to walk through your house and set aside items to donate. You can quickly open up your tiny living room by removing clutter. 

Don’t Forget These Tiny House Living Room Ideas

We hope you found this guide on tiny house living room ideas helpful. Make sure you pick lighter colors that open up the space. If you want bold colors, decorate your living room with colorful pillows or throws.

You should also add healthy houseplants to energize the space. Make sure you avoid filling the space with oversized furniture. 

You don’t want to clutter the living room. Add different lighting options and mirrors to make the room appear larger.

Do you need some help decorating your tiny home? Check out our blog for more helpful tips.

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