How Can We Get a Trailer for Operation Shower Power?

Operation Power Shower - Trailer Donation

Bringing Showers of Hope to the Homeless


 Operation Shower Power is a local organization providing services to the homeless community in the Tampa Bay Area.  Here is some information from their site about their mission: “Our mission is to provide hot showers to homeless persons in St Petersburg, FL and its vicinity. We will also provide clean clothing, toiletries and job referrals, as well as referrals for bus passes, shelter, food and healthcare. Help us to help them with a chance for a better life.  It is our belief that providing some of the basic necessities of life will boost the morale of those in need while giving them not only the confidence to face the day, but a better chance of finding employment and building a new life for tomorrow. ”


Currently seeking a donated or discounted travel trailer, RV or box truck around 20ft


 The team at Operation Shower Power is working to expand their service offering by building a mobile shower unit. They are seeking a donated or discounted trailer to build a shower station or an existing RV or Box Truck that can be modified. In addition they are seeking sponsors for insuring the mobile shower station once complete. Any assistance you can provide in identifying the vehicle, volunteering on refitting the vehicle once they have it or just donating is greatly appreciated.


If you are able to help please Contact Operation Shower Power directly at
Support Operation Shower Power on GoFundMe:


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