Preparing Your Tiny House on Wheels for Hurricane Irma


Is your tiny home prepared for a hurricane?

Having lived in Florida for decades we are painfully familiar with the build-up to conditions during an aftermath of hurricanes hitting the state. With a huge hurricane headed our way we have received lots of questions and concerns about how to best prepare a tiny home on wheels for extreme weather conditions.

The first and foremost advantage to a tiny homes on wheels is that they are mobile so get outta here!

Call a friend in another area and ask them if you can stop by for a week while the weather settles or hit a campground in an area outside the impact zone. If you should choose to stay in the path of the storm there are many things you can do to prepare your tiny house on wheels.

Tampa Bay Tiny Homes recommends using six ton heavy duty jacks and tie downs with anchors to best secure the home.

For a 20-foot tiny home we recommend 4 six ton jacks placing one in each corner of the home.

For a 24 ft tiny home we recommend 6 six ton Jacks placing one on each corner of the home and one on each side of the center.

For a tiny home on Wheels of 28 ft or more we recommend 8 6 ton jacks distributed equally over the length of the home.

Some tiny home trailers also come with built-in D rings for tying the home down. If you’re tiny home does not have built-in d-rings you can buy them and attach yourself or just need to tie to the frame directly. You can tie the frame of the house as well assuming you have attachment points.

You may also want to consider the type of Windows you have, supplies, your ability to catch and store water, generate electricity and an escape Route for emergencies. The best way to ensure your tiny house on wheels will be safe is to avoid the storm totally by simply moving to a safe location. If this is not a possibility using jacks and tie downs to stabilize your home will put you in the best possible position to weather the storm unharmed!

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