Where can you park a tiny house on wheels in St. Petersburg, Florida?

The question on everyone’s mind… well maybe not everyone but on yours obviously! Where can you park a tiny home in St. Petersburg, Florida?

This is the most common and most complex question we get asked. As noted in the post Tiny House Build Codes and Zoning Laws the laws and ordinances around this question are not easy to understand without study, vary greatly by geography and are changing as we speak. Luckily the City of St. Petersburg, Florida is happy to help you understand what is and is not legal in St. Pete.

The short answer is the length of your stay is important but here are some options:

  1. RV Parks and Campgrounds
  2. Mobile Home Community
  3. Rural Land with proper zoning
  4. Urban Multi-Family Zoned properties
  5. Friends Land with proper zoning
  6. Tiny Home Communities

You can check out this FAQ that was a handout at the Tiny House Festival at the EcoVillage, provided by www.stpete.org 

Movable Tiny House Living in St. Pete FL

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