Decorate your tiny home with local art from Chad Bridges!

Chad Bridges Tiny House Art

Chad Bridges - Tiny HomesWe were incredibly fortunate to meet Artist Chad Bridges while attending the Every Artist Lounge at the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville last month. Tampa Bay Tiny Homes enjoys working with local artist all across the state providing their services to our clients. Chad has some incredibly unique pieces carved from a variety of wood, plaster work as well as unique PVC carvings.

His woodwork is unbelievable and ranges from artistic pieces of seascapes to incredibly complex carvings lampshades and candle shades.

The PVC carving work that he does is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and we are excited here at Tampa Bay Times homes to see him put this technique to use in one of our tiny houses soon!

PVC Carving - Chad Bridges

Whether you are trying to beautify steel column, have some incredibly custom and beautiful lampshades. Or have an idea of your own for this wonderful Technique, we are excited to see what Chad comes up with.

PVC Carving - Chad Bridges

Interested in knowing more about how to get Chad too create a piece for your tiny home contact us now for more information.

Chad Bridges - Tiny Homes

PVC Carving - Chad Bridges

PVC Carving - Chad Bridges


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