Consider A Tiny House As An Investment Property

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Can Your Tiny Vacation Home Pay For Itself?

Many people cannot see themselves permanently living in a tiny house on wheels or foundation. They may not feel their family can fit in a tiny home or just don’t feel comfortable in a minimal footprint as a permanent home. Many of those same people often take vacations and stay in a 200-300 sq ft hotel room for days or weeks with no issue. With that thought in mind we have found that a tiny house may be the perfect investment property for many individuals, couples and families.

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Tiny homes make an excellent investment property

Not only is a tiny home a micro investment compared to a condo, second home or even time share, but it is also a highly desirable rental property. Anyone who has been on Air B&B lately has surely seen the growth in available tiny homes for rent and many of these tiny houses are booked for months in advance. For the tiny house owner renting their property this means very little work to secure a consistent stream of short term renters. In addition there are services like Teal Door Hosting that will take care of the entire rental experience for you from listing to hosting and cleaning for around 20% of the daily rental rate.

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Imagine investing less than half the money you would pay for a getaway condo or cabin into a highly desirable asset like a tiny house and allowing your rental property to pay for itself. At the least you will have a getaway that is cost neutral and the ability to control when you want to use or rent your getaway. Better yet your getaway could become a revenue stream that not only pays for itself but puts money back in your pocket. Now imagine having a second tiny home in a different location and you have two getaways in two different environments that both pay for themselves or make a profit. Sounds too good to be true? Well it is happening all over the U.S. as we speak and Florida is a prime location for this type of property with all of our beaches and warm winters!

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With a tiny house on wheels you can even move your rental property around to the most desirable locations based on seasons, highly desired locations or events! Contact us today to find out more about how this type of investment property can work for you!

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