The future of water catchment is here! Raincube

At the St. Petersburg EcoVillage Tiny House Festival we were lucky enough to meet Anthony Paglino and the team from Raincube who are building what we believe is the future of water catchment. For those not familiar with how water catchment systems work here is a brief  description: “Rainwater collection or harvesting is the process by which rain water that hits the roof is stored and reused. Roof catchment systems channel rainwater that falls onto a roof into storage through a system of gutters and pipes.” Raincube is taking this concept to the next level by infusing mobile, social, financial and automation technologies in a brand new way to create water conscious communities. That community can not only better capture, monitor and distribute their bounty but can also understand the best places in their area for water catchment, or the areas most in need of water.
The founders of this company really do have a great spirit behind this fantastic product and community. Tampa Bay Tiny Homes is excited about the potential of partnering with Raincube in the future to provide tiny houses with built in water catchment systems controllable by mobile applications and tied into a social network of like minded individuals! Forgot to water your vegetables? No problem, just get out your phone and give them a drink! That is just the beginning so definitely take the time to visit and sign up to keep up to date with their progress. Also launching soon on KickStarter!

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