What are the benefits of home composting?

Why you should start composting at home When I was growing up in rural Virginia any time I went to my grandmother's house I could bet on one chore she would be having me do was run the food scraps out to the compost pile. She would keep a container by the sink and...

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Edible plants for your tiny house garden in Florida

What to plant in your Florida tiny home garden Most people agree that fresh local fruits and vegetables are not only much better for your body, but taste better and have a very positive impact on the environment.  If you are already an expert gardener you likely have...

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Lifestyle Design and Innovative Housing Solutions

Innovative Housing Presentation from St Pete Tiny Home Festival Being in the tiny home business I often meet customers who are looking to achieve something very specific with their tiny house dreams. There’s an underlying theme in today's society. Whether we call it...

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How Can We Get a Trailer for Operation Shower Power?

Bringing Showers of Hope to the Homeless    Operation Shower Power is a local organization providing services to the homeless community in the Tampa Bay Area.  Here is some information from their site about their mission: "Our mission is to provide hot showers to...

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Consider A Tiny House As An Investment Property

Can Your Tiny Vacation Home Pay For Itself? Many people cannot see themselves permanently living in a tiny house on wheels or foundation. They may not feel their family can fit in a tiny home or just don't feel comfortable in a minimal footprint as a permanent home....

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3 weeks ago
Photos from Tampa Bay Tiny Homes's post

DEAL ALERT!! $32,000!! We are blowing out our 24ft Next GEN model. This pretty little thing has been with us for about a year and a half and it is in absolute perfect condition. Full-size whirlpool ... See more