Let’s build your tiny home!

We understand there can be a lot involved in transitioning to a tiny lifestyle or building your first tiny house. With backgrounds in residential construction, remodeling and program management the founders of Tampa Bay Tiny Homes place a high value on providing a smooth, informative and transparent process to our clients.

Where should you start your tiny house adventure?

  1. Do your research on how to finance your tiny house
  2. Do your research on where you can park your tiny house
  3. Review our standard models The Burg, The Current, The Breeze
  4. Complete our  client introduction form
First think about why you are building a tiny house, your motivations, goals and priorities. Understanding what you are trying to achieve in the end will help ensure you make the right choices throughout the process. Once you have a vision explore our current models which provide a great variety of options for architecture. In addition we offer 20ft, 24ft, 26ft, 28ft, 30ft and 32ft tiny houses on wheels (THOW). We hope you find exactly what you are looking for with the large variety of existing options but if not we will be happy to work with you on customization of an existing design or a completely custom design from scratch.

Service 1
Choose a standard model and floor plan for easy pricing and quick turnaround

When you choose one of our three standard models and floor plans we can provide you straight forward pricing for just a shell, a minimal build or a complete build. By using our standard plans and options we can skip a custom design session and get straight to scheduling your build and ordering materials. This is the most efficient way to buy a home from Tampa Bay Tiny Homes.

Service 2
Customize a standard model or design a custom tiny house for a home as unique as you

When designing your tiny house you might as well get exactly what you want from the space you have available. We are happy to work with you on all the options you are seeking by creating a custom estimate that includes all the features you want in your tiny home. Our custom tiny house estimate fee of $500 includes a design finance and placement consultation, product research to provide you the best options, itemized pricing and a floor plan layout. With this information in hand you have all the details you need to build the tiny house of your dreams!

Service 3
Get an estimate for your own custom renovation, remodeling or new construction project

If you are thinking of doing an garage to apartment conversions or building an accessory dwelling unit on your property we can help. Tampa Bay Tiny Homes provides a variety of services including architecture and design, materials sourcing, project management, welding, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, upholstery and more. We will work with you to create a custom estimate for your project including an initial consultation, product and services research to provide you the best options, itemized pricing and a floor plan layout. Custom estimate fee is $500.