We all benefit from working together to educate, support and build our local community!

Tampa Bay Tiny Homes is proud to work with the best of the best local providers any time we have the option. Supporting like minded local organizations not only keeps the money and knowledge in our local communities but also help the environment, solidifies personal relationships and supports work life balance for local business owners. Here are some of the partners we work with to provide the most sustainable, cost effective and unique tiny houses around!

Providing internet connected water catchment, storage and distribution systems and a fantastic community dashboard function to help you understand your personal and local water conservation efforts.

Eco Relics, Tampa Bay Tiny Homes

We are passionate about investing in our community here in Northeast Florida through salvaging building materials from various sources and selling them at a fraction of the retail cost. In keeping with our mission of reusing and re-purposing, we’ve set up shop in a historic railroad depot in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville. Everything we do at Eco Relics is in harmony with our ‘Green Ethos’ and we encourage all our customers to adopt this mindset.”