Tiny Home Design & Build Process

Ready to design and build your Tiny House?

We understand there can be a lot involved in transitioning to a tiny lifestyle or building your first tiny house. With backgrounds in residential construction, remodeling and program management the founders of Tampa Bay Tiny Homes place a high value on providing a smooth, informative and transparent process to our clients.

Fox 13 Features Tampa Bay Tiny HomesFirst let’s talk about why you are building a tiny house, your motivations, goals and priorities. Understanding what you are trying to achieve in the end will help us to ensure we make the right choices throughout the process.

Once we have a vision let’s explore our current models for tiny houses on wheels and tiny houses on permanent foundations. Review the options we have for siding, windows, doors, flooring, fixtures, HVAC, sustainability and more. We hope you find exactly what you are looking for with the large variety of existing options but if not we will be happy  to work with you on customization of an existing design or a completely custom design from scratch.

Tampa Bay Tiny Homes will walk you through your options for financing your tiny house and introduce you to an experienced lender. You can bring your own financing or pay cash as well. We will walk you through inspection processes, insurance options, zoning and building code specifics and more to insure you are an informed “consumer” 🙂

Once everything is defined and signed you say go we are off! We will work with you closely through the build process. In some cases literally side by side! Once the build, inspections and licensing is completed we can even help you find a place to park your new tiny house!

There are many options for building you the tiny house of your dreams and we can’t wait to talk with  you about your dream!

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