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July 27, 2017 / By tampabaytinyhomes

What do you look for in a tiny home community?

What is a tiny home community anyway? Is it a dreamy Utopian location where all your dreams come true, a trailer park, a campground, an RV park or an open field? Well a tiny home community can for better or worse be all of these things. The motivations and goals of tiny home enthusiast vary like the styles and designs of tiny homes. While some people are simply looking for permanent housing they can afford, others are ready to live out their ideal lifestyle focused on experiences and participating in a like minded community . Some tiny house owners are very passionate about permaculture, sustainability and our impact on our ecosystem. Some tiny house owners are seeking a community where they can enjoy independence, peace, quiet and a more isolated existence within their community. From my experience this list could go on for days listing the reasons, passions, goals and quirks that make every tiny house owner different.

Here is what we’ve heard so far

  • Location, Location, Location! While everyone may have a different vision for their perfect location we find that goals, motivations and passions align very directly with the proper location of your tiny home. An urban location is lost on someone seeking a view of a serene lake, and the lake view is lost on someone seeking a walk-able lifestyle while still having all the amenities a big city offers.
  • Like minded neighbors and community guidelines. While everyone is certainly unique the members of tiny house movement can start to be broadly categorized as related to their targeted permanent living experience. Perhaps that comes in the form of strongly promoting sustainable living practices through permaculture, recycling, minimalism, renewable energy and water catchment. Conversely for others it may come in the form of having all the comforts of home with full kitchen, bathroom, WiFi, TV, private lots and a retail location onsite. Regardless of your particular perspective on what a tiny home community should be I would be willing to wager that you are hoping your neighbors have a similar perspective.
  • Nature. Personally I am a big fan of being as deep in the woods as I can get, waking up to bird songs and the smell of the forest in my nostrils. Watching the sunset over the ocean, river or lake can be the perfect end to any day. Gardening, edible landscaping and just appreciating the beauty of plant life in general is quite a joy for many tiny home owners.
  • Amenities. Tiny home communities can range from totally sustainable off grid no frills (but all thrills!) lifestyle to providing all the amenities you become accustomed to in a typical suburban neighborhood. Top of the list is usually water, sewer and electric hookups followed by free WiFi, gardens and community activities. Here in Florida a pool might be pretty high up on that list as well!

What would a Tampa Bay Tiny Homes Community would look like?

Tiny House Concept Tampa Bay Tiny HomesIf we were designing our own tiny house community here in the greater Tampa Bay area we would focus on taking advantage of the climate, natural beauty, bohemian culture and creativity of locals. We would offer a variety of permanent spaces, 30 day minimum spaces and tiny houses for short term rental. In addition we envision retail space onsite that can help community members diversify their income stream with activities they already enjoy. Here are some of the things that would be important to us based on our personalities, goals and motivations.

  • Location, Location, Location! With all the beautiful locations in the area we would certainly pick a property with accessibility to transportation, retail and outdoor activities. That could mean near the beach, within a bike ride of downtown St. Pete or a more rural area with just the right surroundings.
  • Residential and Retail Together Picture driving up to the community and being greeted by a retail location offering products and services provided by community members. This could be a farmers market, home made products, yoga and mediation classes, horticulture classes, sustainability seminars, the list goes on! The community would be behind the retail location and accessible only to community members and their guests.
  • Self Sustaining Economy Imagine if you were able to live in a community you were proud of while doing something you love for work. Now imagine that you could pay your mortgage or community fees by working for the community. Teach yoga twice a week and offset your community fees for water, sewer and leasing your lot! Sell your famous hot pepper jelly in the community store and use the funds to pay your tiny mortgage.
  • A Cohesive Community We are firm believers that a community can accomplish goals that are simply not achievable for an individual or an unified group of people. Providing the basic structure for discussing community projects and goals, making decisions, coordinating group activities and communicating to the group will allow the community to achieve and celebrate great things! This may be volunteering outside the community, events inside the community, projects for community improvement or helping other similar communities come to fruition!

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