Tampa Bay Tiny Homes is extremely excited to announce that the Circle Pond Tiny Home Community in Ruskin, Florida is coming soon!

The number one question and concern for potential tiny house owners as well as current tiny house owners is “Where can I park my tiny house?” The team at Circle Pond Tiny Home Community has but in a large effort bringing the solution to the problem to life! With the property secured and the plans laid the tiny house community is on the road to becoming a reality in the near future! This community will give tiny house owners the opportunity to locate their tiny house on wheels for extended and permanent stays as well as provide an environment specifically designed for tiny homes and the like minded community of tiny home owners.

Zoning issues, power and water are the most complicated issues that a community like Circle Pond Tiny Home Community addresses. As additional similar developments pop up around our area and around the country, these major issues will become less of an issue and finding communities that meet your personality and current life goals may become a more significant focus. While we are excited for this groundbreaking accomplishment for the Tampa Bay Metro Area, we hope this is just the crest of a tsunami of acceptance and progress!

Stay tuned for more information on this wonderful community as it comes to fruition!

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